Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry

Token sale is open and will last until 12th of March
Hitting the Bitshares exchange at 13th of March

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What is TravelChain in 90 sec
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of 10 606 000
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TravelChain is an open source blockchain managed by all market players
The user installs the application or widget and decides what data and in what form will be collected.
User data from applications
Web services data
Travel agencies and aggregators data
Data can be stored in an open, depersonalized form with one-time access provided.
TravelChain benefits both businesses and travelers
For Travelers
Personal data
For each permission to use data, the user gets tokens, which he can exchange for money or a tourist service
Making travelling as easy as booking an Uber.
Services already have info about the countries user have visited, what cuisine he likes, what kind of sport he is into. A personal tour will be designed according to these data as a construction kit.
For Businesses
Savings on advertising and access to clients at early decision-making stage.
Artificial intelligence will tell you about user's wishes before he will realize them.
Companies will stop wasting money on mass advertising and will start to make personal offers in few clicks.
For instance:
The hotel manager sees that the user is planning to visit Madrid,
and knows that he is a vegetarian and practices yoga.
So, he sends him an offer: a room with a vegetarian breakfast,
which is already included in the price. The hotel is situated next to a yoga center.
Increase of profit due to waiver of online agencies commission
Companies will be able to sell their services directly to customers without paying high commissions to intermediaries.
Get recommendations
from opinion leaders
Services will be able to analyze potential customers and identify people with high media status and lots of followers.
For instance:
A person with more than 100k subscribers in Instagram booked a hotel. The hotel makes him a discount or special offer - and receives a review that affects the opinions of thousands of users.
For Developers
Developers can use TravelChain for their projects and experiments.
They can also sell processed information to companies and advertising platforms.
Here are some examples of services that can be created using TravelChain.
For instance:
We are making a series about the TravelChain team and project creation!
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Large market players join us
More than 3 000 000 users of our partners will be integrated into the TravelChain ecosystem
TravelChain is also a platform for creating mobile and web applications in the tourism industry
There is already such a service – Mapala, an international travelers community and a content source for TravelChain-based services is a platform for travel blogging that functions on blockchain. We designed it in early 2017, and the number of users is growing every day.
Travelers expand the knowledge base, get a reward and experience points in return - this gives them an opportunity to travel for free.
TravelToken is a fuel for the ecosystem of smart traveling
Users decide how to use tokens on their own
SmartData Purchase
Companies can get processed data from the AI service paying by a TravelToken.
Data Transfer
The users can share data with other members of TravelChain through web services or apllications and get TravelToken in return.
Data Exchange
Services can use TravelTokens and share data with each other through the access keys.
The tokens value will rise with increase in number of users and collected data
Data demand growth vs. User count
Unlimited issue of tokens and what is the difference between TravelChain and Ethereum
TravelChain Charts
TravelToken will be used by all travelers (1,2 billion people in 2016)
  • Issue of new tokens is not limited
  • New tokens are used for popularization and platform filling
  • Ability to change “emission” volume. Carried out by voting of all users who own tokens.
  • Issue of new tokens is enough to motivate users to develop the platform. At the same time it keeps deflationary model ( the amount of tokens per user decreases with the lapse of time)
Built-in algorithms of motivation to keep the token:
  • TT Holder Rating (Travel Power) depends on amount of tokens and time spent in the wallet. The bigger rating user has, the bigger reward he will get for development of the platform
  • Access to the registry for analysis is limited per day by the amount of tokens on the wallet. Tokens are not waisted. The limit of access is running out
Ethereum Charts
Ethereum is used by majority of investors and ICO founders.
  • Issue of new tokens is not limited
  • New tokens are used for maintenance of network availability (mining)
  • In 2017 with the average price of $300 for ETH, approximately $3 billions was spent on mining
  • No ability to change “emission” volume ( only through hard fork)
  • The growth in the price of the token began with the increase of popularity due to ICO
  • 30 transactions per second
  • In-network commission for transactions (gas)
  • ETH has increased in 2800 times since July 2015
  • BTC has increased in 1000 times since July 2015
Ethereum Classic is used by some crypto investors and ICO founders.
  • ETC has increased in 150 times since July 2015
693.000.000 TravelToken will be distributed among Token Sale participants from on March 12
Equal to $10 million
Hard Cap
693 000 000
Tokens for sale
Equal to $0.0151
Price of the token
Enter currency
Token Sale
Development Trust
Token pre-Sale
Early founders & contributors
The safety fund’s starting account
Equal to $10 million
Hard Cap
693 000 000
Tokens for sale
Equal to $0.0151
Price of the token
Enter currency
Operating expenses
Developers community
Legal services
Roadmap project
December 2017
Stage target: attract up to $10,000,000 for TravelChain coding and development.
Preparing for
TravelChain launch
January 2018
Stage target: preparing to launch the TravelChain working network.
network launch
February 2018
Stage target: launch the TravelChain working network providing the opportunity to first developers to design their own applications
Preparation of information
collection tools
Q1-Q2 2018
Stage target: the stage goal is to prepare and launch information collection tools.
Q2 2018
Stage target: integrate strategic partners from the tourism sector of the economy
Creation of the developers
Q2 2018
Stage target: create a community of developers ready to embed TravelChain in the finished projects, or create their own ones
Coins distribution
and critical mass.
Q2-Q3 2018
Stage target: launch the token distribution through ecosystem projects, development teams and active users to gain a critical mass of participants
for scaling
Q1-Q2 2019
Stage target: arrange infrastructure solutions to scale TravelChain
Learn the first about
the news TravelChain
Development Advisors
Karthik Iyer
Mentor, Founder & CEO of BlockchainMonk
Christoph Hering
Elected BitShares Committee Member and Graphene Ambassador
Desmond Marshall
Member of global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Advisor to Hong Kong Government, MD of Rouge Ventures
Vincent Lai
Founder/CEO of ToccoTravel
Alex Tourski
Founder/CEO of
Roman Povolotski
Founder/CEO of "Cyber Russia"
Eduard Dzhamgaryan
CBDO ICObox, TOKEN SALE Analyst/Adviser
Anders Larsson
Сo-founder of the allcoinWiki, member of Top 5 Blockchain Advisor in the world
Joakim Holmer
Co-founder of the allcoinWiki
Marketing Advisors
Alexander Karolik-Shlaen
Founder of Panache Management Pte Ltd; Holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Tony Simonovsky
Marketing data scientist, Token Sale focused growth hacker
Yuriy Matveev
Founder/CEO of the "Banzay" and "National Business" magazines
Ruslan Sokolovskiy
Founder/CEO of the magazine "BitJournal", YouTube Blogger > 500k subscribers
Dmitry Larin
YouTube Blogger > 2kk subscribers
Malcolm Tan
CEO of The Bluesky Group; Founder of Gravitas Holding (Pte) Limited; Author of "How to ICO/ITO in Singapore";
Legal Advisor
Dmitry Machikhin
Partner GMT Legal
Our team TravelChain
Ilya Orlov
Alexey Muravjev
Alexey Solovyev
Anton Polevich
Anton Kolonin
AI, BigData Expert
Yury Anikin
Ontology Analyst
Pavel Dorozkhin
Team Lead, Back-end Developer
Konstantin Chanchikov
System Architect
Aleksey Pchelin
Web product manager
Maxim Uvarov
Digital Producer
Alexandr Petrov
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Sezemov
Marketing Manager
Valeria Baranova
Head of SMM
Roman Ufaev
Head of Media Integration and Traffic
Dmitriy Seleznev
Graphic Designer
Ivan Begunov
Chief Business Development Officer
Dmitriy Lagutin
Investor Relations
Sergey Logvin
HR Manager
Dmitriy Kin
Lead Editor
Ekaterina Vlasova
Anastasia Razmakhnina
Head of Community Management
Timofey Matveev
Community Manager
Our activity
We are open to share our experience with the market and always ready for feedback
Innovation For Traveling On Blockchain
How to Get Rewarded For Sharing Your Data The RIGHT Way
TravelChain Launches World’s First Decentralized Data Exchange For the Travel Industry
TravelChain: We Create Smart Traveling Ecosystem
TravelChain Is Trying To Shake Up The Dated And Duopolized Travel Industry
TravelChain Launches World’s First Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry
1. Why do we need blockchain in the tourism industry?
Data is oil of the 21st century, but in most of the cases it is hidden inside corporate systems and cannot be used by other companies to create innovative services. Our goal is to provide equal access for data exchange among all players in the market.
2. Why use open source blockchain?
The more applications in the TravelChain ecosystem we have, the higher the number of participants and the greater the demand for TravelToken.
3. Why does business need a TravelToken?
Access to the TravelChain ecosystem data can significantly reduce marketing costs of business.
4. How much will a TravelToken cost during the Token Sale?
There will be two orders issued:
  • Equal to $ 3,000,000 with 15% discount for 232 290 502,8 TT.
    Price: equal to $ 0.0129
  • Equal to $ 7,000,000 for 460 709 497,2 TT.
    Price: equal to $ 0.0151
5. What is the emission of tokens distributed a Token PreSale and Token Sale?
In total, 2 100 000 000 TravelTokens will be issued, which will be distributed according to the results of Token PreSale and Token Sale:
  • Early founders & participants – 1.51%
  • Token PreSale - 17.69%
  • Token Sale – 33,00%
  • Team – 13.80%
  • Advisors – 2,00%
  • Bounty – 1.00%
  • Development Trust– 30,00%
  • The safety fund’s starting account – 1%
6. When will the Token Sale begin and how long will it last?
It starts on December 15 at 14.00 UTC and finishes on March 12 at 14.00 UTC.
7. What purpose does the Token Sale campaign pursue?
Hard cap: equal to $ 10 000 000.
The purpose of raising funds for Token Sale is to lay the groundwork for the platform launch and development financing for the first 3 years. This period is enough for the team to reach self-sufficiency. The business model is described in detail in White Paper.
During Token Sale, we are planning to implement a fixed amount of tokens at fixed price by placing 2 orders in the equal to $ 3,000,000 and $ 7,000,000, respectively. If the order equal to $3,000,000 is not sold during Token Sale at a minimum price, the remaining tokens will be sold later upon agreements with funds and private participants or on external exchanges. If the order tokens equal to $7,000,000 are not sold, they will be transferred to the Development Trust account and realized when KPI set in White Paper reaches 100 thousand users.
8. How will the funds raised for the Token Sale be used?
The raised funds will be distributed as follows:
  • Development – 50.3%
  • Operating expenses – 19.4%
  • Marketing – 21.7%
  • Developers community – 6.3%
  • Legal services – 1.9%
9. Where is a TravelToken issued?
TravelToken is created on its own blockchain.
10. Why do we produce TravelToken on our own blockchain?
Initially, we were going to issue it on a smart contract (ERC20) basis on Ethereum and then transfer it to the TravelChain blockchain. But our development department coped with the prototype writing ahead of schedule, this allows us to run Token Sale on our own blockchain.
11.Is the blockachain running already?
Yes. You are welcome to follow the link
12. In what currency will the funds be collected?
13. When can I sell the tokens on the exchange?
The flotation will be in two weeks after Token Sale closes.
14. Can citizens of the United States, the PRC and the Republic of Singapore participate in the Token Sale?
You cannot take part in Token Sale if you are a citizen of the United States, the PRC or Singapore, or if you are a citizen or a resident of a country where the use of cryptocurrencies and tokens is restricted.
15. How to participate in Token Sale?
There will be a button "Participate in Token Sale" on the website When you click on it, you are redirected to your account on, where you can register your account in the TravelChain blockchain. After that, you need to confirm your agreement with the terms of participation in Token Sale and fill out the KYC form. Please leave your email address on to get a notification about the Token Sale start.
Token Sale is Open!
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